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We already know.

Palmetto Software Group is a consulting and software development firm specializing in IT security. In a business world filled with security threats and attacks, we’re the good guys who want to help protect you. Think of us as Superman with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science: through intelligent, aggressive requirements gathering, we create solid, successful security solutions.

It Could Happen To You
The state of IT security today has businesses asking a lot of big questions: Is my company’s information secure? What are the chances of someone hacking my company? And how do I minimize the damage if they do?

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense
We’re here to protect you from the strongest threats to your business, including:
  • Losses due to snoops and hackers
  • Difficulties protecting data from unauthorized eyes
  • Managing the lifecycle of identity information
  • Central management of security and passwords
  • Compliance with SOX, PCI, and HIPPA security mandates

Bring It On
With PSG, you can confidently face all the threats of today’s technology world. So, what are you most concerned with? We can help.